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Youth Fellowship
St. Johns Youth Fellowship dates back to 1901 when the first meeting of what was then called a Jugend Verein was held with Behren's daughters being in charge.  When the Behrens left St. Johns, it fell into decline.   In 1913, Rev. Carl Stadler revived and redefined it into a strictly young people's organization, the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor.  Herbert Helmreich, the first president, was 22, and vice-president Laura Hoflander was 20.  Flora Stegner was secretary.
Through the years the Youth Fellowship has been a vital organization in the church.  The beautiful stained glass window in our sanctuary, depicting Christ as the Good Shepherd, was presented by the Christian Endeavor Society when the present church was built in 1916.  The Christian Endeavor Society at that time had about 40 young people as members.  

In 1957 it was the Youth Fellowship who instigated the first Easter Sunrise Service and breakfast at St. Johns with the youth being in charge. At this first service a small crowd of worshippers attended which included the youth and their parents.

Youth Fellowship Float Trip

Easter Breakfast

Our Youth hard at work in the kitchen at the Easter Breakfast.

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