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Women's Guild

The Women's Guild of St. Johns United Church of Christ was begun in 1901 under the leadership of Pastor D. Behrens. The "Frauen Verien" as it was then called, was Mrs. Behren’s charge. She was its first president. The Verien was a success from the start. Women who had never belonged to anything (they had no vote in church matters) found a place for themselves outside the narrow confines of home and family.  Indeed, the monthly meetings at a member's home or at the church often were social gatherings for both genders. Husbands, brothers or sons would come on the pretext of bringing their women folk. While the ladies met inside, the men visited. They joined the ladies at refreshment time which always concluded the formal meeting. Throughout its history the Women's Guild has sought to be instrumental in the spiritual uplift of the whole community as well as its members.

The Women's Guild today is composed of all the women of the congregation. The Guild meets on the first Wednesday in April and October for worship, business and fellowship.  

The members of the Guild are responsible for the following activities: arranging floral arrangements to beautify the Sanctuary throughout the year; serving meals to families in the church who have lost loved ones; honoring all newborns in the congregation by placing cherub candleholders on the altar; sponsoring the Christmas Dinner and Hanging of the Greens Service.


The Guild remembers the shut-ins with cards, visits and Christmas gifts and also participates in the Festival of Sharing, collecting Health Kits for

those in need.  The Guild also sponsors an annual Memorial Day Service honoring the men and women in the military and remembering loved ones we've lost.


Memorial Day Service Attendees


Memorial Day Service Leader, Marg Scott

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